I. General conditions of application

1. Applicants can compete in three age groups:

KIDS born between June 1, 2002 and May 31, 2010
TEENS born between June 1, 1997 and May 31, 2002
JUNG ADULTS (Instrumentalists) born between June 1, 1992 and May 31, 1997
JUNG ADULTS (Singers) born between June 1, 1989 and May 31, 1997

2. Application is open only to soloists.

3. You can apply with the piece of music of your choice by any classical composer who lived between the 17th and 20th centuries. The length should be no less than 2 minutes and no more than 5 minutes. The chosen piece should reflect the values of classical music.


Application deadline:January 10, 2017.


II. Application process

1. To apply, visit mediaklikk.hu/virtuozok, fill out the application form and upload a short video of your performance. Good visual and audio quality is highly recommended. Please note that this recording may later be used by the public broadcaster for its news programs, montages and webpages concerning the Virtuosos show.

2. Minors applying also need to attach the parental consent form found on mediaklikk.hu/virtuozok

3. Follow the application manual on the website.

4. Applications are also accepted via post – the accompanying video can be sent on DVD or a flash drive – to the below address:

MTVA – Virtuózok
1037 Budapest
Kunigunda útja 64.


III. Selection process

1. Application deadline: January 10, 2017.

2. Individual auditions will be held between January 20-February 5, 2017 in Budapest and in other locations in the countryside. Applicants will be judged by a team of TV producers and music professionals.

3. Following the individual auditions, applicants will be notified via phone and/or by mail by February 15, 2017 at latest.

4. Applicants who pass become contestants. Contestants will then partake in a casting in Budapest between March 6 and 8, 2017. Each age group will be auditioned by the show’s jury on a different day. These auditions will already be part of the television program. Only nine contestants in each age group will make it to the semi-finals.

5. In the semi-finals, planned for March 26-28, 2017, only nine contestants in each age group will be auditioned. Again, each age group will be auditioned on different days. Contestants will first perform individually, accompanied by a chamber orchestra. Then, they will do a joint performance – which they will have learned while preparing for the semi-finals – with the help of special guest stars. 3 contestants each will make it to the age group finals.

6. The age group finals will be televised live on May 19, 2017. Here, the finalists will all appear in one program, though still competing in different categories. Contestants will once again perform a piece, accompanied by a symphonic prchestra. Based on their individual performance, the jury will select one contestant in each age group who gets to compete in the grand finale.

7. The grand finale is televised live on June 2, 2017, where the remaining 3 contestants will compete with each other. Each contestant will deliver two performances: a classical piece and a cross-over. In the grand finale, the jury can no longer judge, only give opinions: the viewers get to decide who the final winner of Virtuosos should be.


IV. Voting

Viewers can vote in the finals and the grand finale via SMS and/or a free smartphone app. Details will be published on the mediaklikk.hu/virtuozok website.
The 8 episodes of Virtuosos will be aired between April 14 and June 2 on the Duna TV channel.
As the show’s producer, MTVA reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions.


V. Data management and copyright declaration

Upon filling out and submitting the application form on the mediaklikk.hu/virtuozok webiste, the applicant also declares the following:
1. I hereby grant MTVA the permission to use my personal data, provided upon registration, over the next 2 years for use for its programs, primarily the Virtuosos 2017 show, as well as for other programs produced for public media broadcast. I understand that as an applicant, I am required to provide accurate data during my application. In case any change occurs in my personal data, I am required to notify the producer of such changes within 2 working days. In case I provide inaccurate or incomplete data, MTVA may cancel my application without further notice. As an applicant, I shall upload the requested data and an accompanying video described in detail in section I. of these Terms & Conditions through the upload form on mediaklikk.hu/virtuozok. I understand that, in case I am a minor, I must also provide the data of a parent or legal custodian through a parental permission form found HERE. I understand that without the permission of a legal custodian, MTVA will cancel my application.

2. By applying, I declare that the provision of my private data is voluntary, express and is based on sufficient information, and I give express permission to MTVA as a Data Manager
(i) to store and manage my data for 2 years for the purpose of organizing the Competition and casting;
(ii) to forward my data to third parties and have them processed by other data processors;
(iii) to use my data to contact me and send me regular updates via newsletters.

I also understand that MTVA as Data Manager may reveal my data to its employees and to a limited group of employees of the public stations broadcasting the program. I understand that I may request information on how my personal data are used, I may review them and I may ask for their modification. I acknowledge that not knowing the content of this declaration does not exempt me from my obligation to observe it.

3. Furthermore, I understand that the application is the prerequisite to being entered into the database of the Competition. In addition, I acknowledge the contents of MTVA’s privacy policy found on its website, mtva.hu (http://mtva.hu/hu/jogiesadatvedelminyilatkozat). I understand that MTVA shall not be held responsible for my provision of incomplete/inaccurate data (e.g. misspelled name, address, etc.) and any resulting issues (failed or late delivery of emails). Therefore, MTVA shall not be held responsible in case I willfully or neglectfully provide incorrect or incomplete data, or data pertaining to someone else.

4. The applicant guarantees that he/she has the rights to use the audio or video recording uploaded at the time of registration. The applicant is solely responsible for the lawful use of the recording and the payment of any copyright fees and other fees to other copyright holders. The content and the related personal data uploaded by the applicant may not infringe upon the intellectual property rights and other rights of third parties. By uploading it, the applicant grants MTVA and/or the public broadcast service provider permission to use the recording exclusively, free of charge, indefinitely and without geogrpahic limitation, for the purpose of broadcasting to the public on unlimited occasions using any technology suited for public broadcasting, and in any way recognized in Act LXXVI. of 1999, especially including terrestrial, satellite and any other means of broadcast (including those that are individually selectable by members of the public), remixing, publishing, and any known method of reproduction (e.g. visual and audio recordings, and copies made with computers and to electronic data storages) and distribution (including their import into the country for commercial purposes).