“Prodigy” is a dangerous term. Plenty of musicians show extraordinary promise from an early age but when they reach adolescence, with its myriad distractions, it can all go horribly wrong. Hours of practice leave little room for friendships, and schoolwork demands attention. No wonder so many significant talents fall by the wayside.

With all these pressures, 13-year-old Hungarian pianist Mihály Boros seems remarkably well-adjusted. It’s probably because football, particularly the English Premier League, has the power to lure him away from his hours sequestered with Scarlatti, Beethoven, Chopin and Bartók. Misi – as he prefers to be known – can reel off the names of top UK players and was thrilled last year to watch Arsenal play Zagreb in the Champions League.

Football punctuates a heavy schedule wherever he finds himself in the world – and that might be anywhere – he’s performed in cities ranging from New York to Tokyo, Rome to Beijing. And with the globetrotting comes a nascent celebrity status back at home: witness photographs of him alongside Brazilian football star Ronaldinho and racing driver Lewis Hamilton.

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