The public network’s successful classical music talent show returns mid-April

The new season of the children’s and young adults’ classical music talent show airs on the Duna channel of the MTVA network every Friday night starting April 15th.
The show comes back with the same hosts (Edit Varga, Ádám Bősze) and the same jury of professionals: Erika Miklósa (Franz Liszt prize and Kossuth prize awardee opera singer), Gergely Kesselyák (Franz Liszt prize awardee conductor, member of the Hungarian State Opera), András Batta (Ferenc Erkel prize and Szévhenyi prize awardee music historian, college professor), Attila Némethy (pianist and professor of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music) and Miklós Szenthelyi (Franz Liszt prize and Kossuth prize awardee violinist, founder of the Hungarian Virtuoso Chamber Orchestra).

The First Lady of Hungary, Anita Herczegh agreed to be patron of the show. License owner Mariann Peller said:”It’s an exceptional honor for us to have Anita Herczegh as patron of the new season of Virtuosos. This is a great reinforcement in the importance and value of the show and in that we need to keep looking for and introducing classic talents. The main goal of the show is to discover, not create talent. We believe the new season will further raise the quality of Virtuosos.”

The new season will not only keep the values already shown in the first one, but create new ones by recruiting participants from a wider circle of people, creating new opportunities.
“We opened up the Hungarian borders in a sense – way more Hungarian children living abroad applied to the show this year. One of our goals is to popularize classical music and familiarize people with talent regardless of language or hometown – music is the common language anyway. Virtuosos became a leading program on the MTVA network, and we feel like Duna channel is a worthy partner for us.”, said Anikó Medvegy, editor in chief of Virtuosos, about the new season.

This season’s grand prizes are just as valuable as the previous one’s, with international performance opportunities in New York, London and Berlin.
Candidates can apply in three age groups: 6-12 year olds, 13-17 year olds and 18-23 year olds. (Singers can apply up to the age of 28.)

Pre-selection shows air starting April 15 on Duna. The three selection shows are followed by semi-finals in each age group where contestants perform a piece with a chamber orchestra obbligato and a piece with a guest star. In the finale, the contestants play with a symphonic orchestra, and the winners of each age group eventually compare their skills in the June 3rd live show. Each finalist can perform twice: a classic and a crossover piece. The five-member jury have no decisive right in the finales anymore, the just tell their opinions – the audience votes for their favorite via text and a free smartphone application to choose the absolute winner.