There are countless music contests around the world. One can hardly keep count of all the talent shows on television where extraordinary moments, brilliant individuals and exceptional performances are being sought, gluing millions of viewers to the screens. Seeing the success of these talent shows, we asked ourselves: what if, for the first time ever, we could channel this attention, this hunger for talent, this popularity into a Hungarian-developed show revolving around classical music? That’s when Virtuosos was born.

The mastermind behind the classical music talent show, now in its third season, is Mariann Peller. As producer of the show and the Virtuosos Program, she is responsible for developing the format and setting the show’s quality standards.
Virtuosos is looking for real talents and introduces them to the audience.

Unlike in other talent shows, there are no goofy and cartoonish sub-par performances here just for viewers to laugh at. Musicians appearing on Virtuosos are all talented youngsters who aren’t “manufactured” by the show. Our goal is to discover talented people and provide them with strong professional background, ample attention, and challenges and performance opportunities necessary for growing. The show’s patron is the wife of the President of Hungary, Mrs. Anita Hercegh.

Virtuosos Production does not abandon the young musicians after the show’s over. Besides discovering them, the program’s basic pillar is the nurturing and support of their talent on the long run. To this end, the Young Virtuosos Foundation was set up as a guarantee, aiding these young artists with professional and financial support, scholarships and by organizing concerts. Thanks to this, the wonderful talents discovered on our show can now be seen at the most prestigious venues in the world, from the United States through Europe to Asia.

Misi Boros – Avery Fisher Hall New York
Dániel Ali Lugosi – Kravis Center, Adrienne Arsht Center Miami
Tamás Kökény – New York Canegie Hall
Mihány Demeniv – Los Angeles Walt Disney Concert Hall

This year marked the second time that the musicians of Virtuosos have given a sold out New Year concert at the Hungarian Academy of Music, which was broadcast internationally by the national network. But Virtuosos even managed to become popular outside the traditional circles of classical music. Our musicians have performed at the opening of the Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix, to the delegates of the Budapest NATO summit, at the Kossuth Award gala, at the Olympics’ honouring ceremony at the Parliament and the Milan World Fair.

Following the immense success in Hungary, we would now like to bring the international markets’ attention to the format. Therefore, we have established Virtuosos Intertnational Inc., tasked with bringing the show to other countries. The founders of the company introduced themselves to the international community of professionals at the world’s largest television fair in Cannes in early April. At the festival, a Memorandum was signed with the management of the Slovakian public broadcaster to launch the show in Slovakia.

Last year, the owner of the license signed an agreement with Dick Clark Productions, producer of the Golden Globe Awards, to sell the license of Virtuosos.
World famous artists have expressed their love and support for our show and our young talents. We are extremely proud to have received endorsement from renowned opera singer Placido Domingo, who came to Budapest in the Spring of 2016 to hear and advise our young musicians in person. Later in August, he invited violinist Gyuszi Váradi to appear as a guest performer at his grand concert in Budapest.