VIRTUOSOS V4+ we play the same language

Why is it worth to apply:

  1. The show will have one winner from each country, i.e. we are announcing a total of 5 winners. The best young talented Virtuosos will receive a cash prize (15,000 Euros gross per person) and a solo performance/concert opportunity with an international artist.
  1. Winners will also receive an own solo CD recording (each of them)


  1. All 5 competitors who make it into the show win, because they will all be given the opportunity to perform on the international gala concert.
  1. Virtuosos V4 + isn’t just a TV show, it’s a real talent supporting programme, where we do not lose sight of the young talents even after the competition. We smooth the way of their international careers, help them, organize them performances worldwide.
  1. In Hungary, Virtuosos discovered many talents, such as the Abouzahra sisters, Misi Boros and Teo Gertler, who have already performed with several renowned stars. Just to name a few they have performed together with Andrea Bocelli, or have been conducted by Maestro Plácido Domingo and presented their talent in the most well-known venues like Carnegie Hall in New York, the Berlin Philharmonic, Covent Garden in London, or the International Forum in Tokyo.
  1. Despite the tv show ‘V4+ Virtuosos – We play the same language’ is an international competition, the contestants of each country are only competing with each other. This will bring a total of 5 winners.
  1. Contestants can introduce themselves for a professional jury of 6 members. Each country delegates one renowned classical musician and there will also be an additional senior jury member per show, selected from the superstars of classical music (e.g. Plácido Domingo). During the show the professional jury decides who wins.

Musical and artistic director is András Batta, former rector of Liszt Academy of Music.


  1. The show and competition consist of 4 episodes + 1 gala concert
  1. The semi-final will have two rounds, with 2-2 contestants per country in these episodes. Competitors will prepare with one piece of classical music for this round, and they will present their productions one by one in front of an international jury of 6 members, who will evaluate the performances.
  1. The final also takes place in two rounds. The 2 best contestants per country in these two broadcasts will compete. In both finals, the contestants will perform 1-1 different pieces of music.

We are announcing one winning contestant per country.

  1. The gala concert will be held at the Palace of Arts in Budapest with the participation of world-renowned stars, the jury and the winner Virtuosos, as well as the winners of previous seasons.

What we need from the contestant:

  1. The first step is to apply. You can enter the competition with a piece of your choice by a classical composer. The maximum length of a piece of music is six minutes. They have to upload the video made about it and a short introduction to https://jelentkezes.virtuozok.hu. Applicants may include the recording of their previous performances, but it is important that it is not older than 6 months.
  2. Each contestant must prepare with a total of 4 classical music pieces, which will be selected from the contestants’ existing repertoire in consultation with our music director after the casting is completed.

During the semi-finals and finals, they will have to prepare with 3 pieces plus one more for the gala concert.

All performances will be performed with an orchestra in the show, except for the piano pieces, because pianists will have the opportunity to play a solo piece once. A well-known, renowned orchestra, the Orchestra of the Hungarian State Opera accompanies the young talents during the competition. There will be two rehearsal opportunities with the orchestra, we provide sheet music and tutors. The length of the pieces in the semi-finals is 6-9 minutes in the final 9-12 minutes. Candidate should choose a piece that represents his / her technical knowledge and musical sensitivity.

  1. List of instruments accepted:

– string and keyboard instruments: piano, harpsichord, harp, accordion, guitar

– stringed instruments: violin, viola, cello, bass

– woodwind instruments: flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, saxophone

– brass instruments: trumpet, trombone, tuba, tenor horn, hunting horn

– percussion instruments: xylophone, marimba, cimbalom

– vocals: soprano, alto, mezzo-soprano, tenor, baritone, bass

  1. Contestants can apply between the ages of 0-18 (under the age of 19 by September 30, 2020), for singers the upper age limit is 20 (under the age of 21 by September 30, 2020).

Application deadline: 19 July 2020

Casting deadline: 1st August 2020


Filming: during the month of September, hence the contestants will have more than 1 month to prepare. All shootings will be in Budapest.


Important: Participation in the competition is free, during the shootings the organizers will cover travel and accommodation costs not only to the contestants but also to a parent and a music teacher. During the show, a well-known stylist is working with is and provides performance clothes and a hairdresser.

 The show will be broadcasted from the end of November (November 27-December 18) in 5 countries on Fridays during prime time.

List of participating countries:

Czech Republic



Serbia and