We DEMOCRATIZE CLASSICAL MUSIC BY BEING Highly professional, yet street level popular

V4+ we play the same language

Guest Stars

The show always benefits from the involvement and support of recognisable guests. The introduction of Star Guest Performers is an important element of the show. Appearing first in the Semi-Finals, with each age group appearing with a different star, they help bring to life what contestants may become if they persevere…

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Virtuosos presents unique classical talents both on the silver screen, and to the foremost performance venues across the world. Virtuosos delivers both intimate performances for an exclusive audience, to large venues such as the prestigious Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center in New York City, the Tonhalle in Switzerland, the Budapest…

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Our Mission

Over the past six years, Virtuosos has revolutionized the Hungarian TV market, and rapidly became one of the top-rated TV shows. The show focuses upon discovering and developing young classical music talents and encourages viewers to embrace classical music. Virtuosos has become a prominent brand, with aspirations to become the…

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