Guest Stars

The show always benefits from the involvement and support of recognisable guests. The introduction of Star Guest Performers is an important element of the show.

Appearing first in the Semi-Finals, with each age group appearing with a different star, they help bring to life what contestants may become if they persevere in developing their talent.

When they perform with the contestants the judges do not score their performances. However, the star performer will award their own prize to a  contestant.

During the final and the grand-final the Star performers return with solo performances.  Star guest performers have included Thomas Hampson, 2Cellos and The Piano Guys.

The Virtuosos Mission is being encouraged and mentored by world-  renowned artists such as Maestro Placido Domingo, Hans Zimmer, Lang Lang, Andrea  Griminelli, Andrea Bocelli, Seia Lee, Juan Antonio Cuellar and Gergely Bogányi.

This is not only true of Star Performers but also the introduction of Guest Judges to specific shows, and is particularly beneficial at the final stages  of the competition.