VIRTUOSOS Holding Ltd. (VHL) was established in March 2018 to expand the international reach of the Virtuosos television talent show format, monetizing the increased reach of the show itself and the ancillary businesses associated with the Virtuosos brand.

The business is controlled by a charismatic and committed Founder-CEO, Ms. Mariann Peller, supported by a small executive management team and a number of specialist advisors

Several world famous artists shared the stage with the young talents during and since the television show and on international concerts


Following the television show, Mariann Peller has founded the Young Virtuosos Foundation, a social platform that aims to maintain and improve the social and cultural values of classical music and support discovered talents in need.

Over 30 young, talented musicians and singers have live performance and/or recorded music representation contracts with the Company

Results, key figures


Broadcasted first time in 2014
the total reach of the program
was 3.1 mn people
which is close to third of the population of Hungary

Despite the fact
that classical music is a niche,
the final was amongst the
TOP 10 considering all
TV channels.


170,000 application
downloads over a week.


Close to 100,000 likes on
Facebook over a month

After the show 14% more
children applied for music
schools compared to the
previous year

10 000 000

The show’s performances
hit over 8mn downloads
on Youtube


More than 300 concerts in
one year after the TV

Since the launch of the
show the New Year’s
concert is organized with the
talents of Virtuosos each
year at the Liszt Academy
of Music or the Palace of
Arts in Budapest

Virtuosos has been the most
frequently cited cultural
project in Hungary during
and after the show.


Virtuosos is a unique format in the world of television. The show is starting its sixth season in 2020. It is a classical music talent competiton where talent and performance skills are recognized, encouraged and rewarded.

Contestants are required to be excellent performers of a classical instrument or be an outstanding classical singer.The mission of the television show is to discover genuine talent, and to present the beauty of classical music to the widest audience possible.  The show has only one ultimate winner, the person whom the expert panel and the audience selects.

The winner will be able to perform in the world’s most famous concert halls, and receive a scholarship to one of the most prestigious music institutions.

Thus, a fabulous career opens up in front of the winner at the moment of victory.


Plácido Domingo

A world-renowned, multifaceted artist. The most influential singer in the history of opera. Founder of Operalia talent contest, minority shareholder of Virtuosos Holding Ltd.

The Garage London

is an early stage investor and brand builder, founded by Sir John Hegarty and Tom Teichman. A world-renowned advertising legend and creative professional teamed up with a former investment banker to help startups to succeed.

Mariann Peller

Cultural manager, the creator and producer of the show. She is the founder of Young Virtuosos Foundation, and has a number of charitable initiatives.

Erika Miklósa

Multi-awarded coloratura soprano, founder member of Young Virtuosos Foundation, one of the international judges of Virtuosos Talent Show.

Nicholas Marko

Director, renowned cultural manager, Maestro Plácido Domingo´s long-term representative, shareholder of Virtuosos Holding Ltd.

Benjamin Lakatos

Founder, CEO and majority owner of European energy company MET Group. Under his leadership it became one of the fastest growing energy companies in Europe, with over 1,600 employees of 32 different nationalities.

Frank Taubert

A pioneer in the digital entertainment industry. Founder of 24-7 Entertainment, and digital incubator He is a Virtuosos shareholder.

Contessa Mária Bárdossy 

Hungarian-born Venezuelan philanthropist, currently living in Colombia. She is determined in taking Virtuosos talent show to South America. 

Roy Fu

Owner of Deer Capital Management Co. Ltd, a venture investment fund established in 2015 by Mr. Roy Fu, regional manager of HSBC Investment Bank. He is focusing on investing to the TMT sector.


  • Full of heart but no heartbreak
  • We do not show failed performances, but present interesting life stories and results achieved
  • We discover talents instead of making them
  • Since our business covers the entire platform of classical music it is important for us that the winners of the show are selected by a professional jury as they will be among those 3 selected talents country by country who are expected to become the next Maestro Plácido Domingo or Lang Lang
  • Highly professional yet street level popular
  • The format of the show can be tailor made to specific local needs 
  • We do not lose sight of the talents after the show, we provide training and performance opportunities for them through our domestic and international network
  • We show the beauty of music and music learning as an example to the youth and educate society
  • Focusing on youth but talking to 3 generations

Young Virtuosos Foundation

The Young Virtuosos Foundation supports social values, classical music traditions, and helps outstanding musical talents. Our goal is to promote classical music, to support young musicians and music education.

The Foundation provides a complex development opportunity for young artists that is unique and invaluable for their training and career development.