Our Mission

Over the past six years, Virtuosos has revolutionized the Hungarian TV market, and rapidly became one of the top-rated TV shows. The show focuses upon discovering and developing young classical music talents and encourages viewers to embrace classical music. Virtuosos has become a prominent brand, with aspirations to become the global leader in this genre, with huge opportunities laying ahead. Our engagement has reached far beyond previous fans of classical music, with a wide demographic of viewers. International interest in the Virtuosos phenomenon has grown significantly. Prominent figures such as Plácido Domingo, Lang Lang, Andrea Bocelli, Hans Zimmer, Erika Miklósa have expressed their support for the Virtuosos concept.

Virtuosos is an unique format in the world of television. It is a classical music talent show where talent and performance skills are recognized, encouraged and rewarded. 

The mission of the television show is to discover genuine talent, and to present the beauty of classical music to the widest audience possible.  The show has only one ultimate winner, the person whom the expert panel and the audience selects.

The winner will be able to perform in the world’s most famous concert halls, and receive a scholarship to one of the most prestigious music institutions. Thus, a fabulous career opens up in front of the winner at the moment of victory.

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