Maestro Domingo, super judge of Virtuosos show tonight

Maestro Plácido Domingo, the Super Judge of the Superfinal helps the international jury with some very tough decisions.

The sixth season of the Virtuosos classical music talent show, and its first international series, called: Virtuosos V4 +, – “We Play the Same Language” will air its most exciting episode on Friday the 18th of December.

For the first time, the series went beyond the borders of Hungary, with performers and judges from the Visegrad Four countries (Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia) plus Serbia. The semi-finals, master class and the Super Final, will be broadcast across the participating country’s national TV channels simultaneously. This will allow the Hungarian developed series to reach over seventy million viewers. The Super Final will allow millions to see two talented young people per nation. They are the best of the best from their respective nations, following a long and exhaustive selection process in each country. How can a true Virtuoso from several amazing talents be chosen? The jurors have faced tough decisions throughout the V4+ series, but the choices within the Super Final needs the guiding and expertise of a true Virtuoso.

Maestro Placido Domingo, a world-renowned Spanish opera singer, conductor and long-term supporter of the Virtuosos will star in the Super Final to guide the judges during their decision-making processes. The judges must choose which two talents from each of the V4+ countries will win. The Super Final will also be a family affair, as the Maestro will also conduct the Dohnányi Orchestra performing Plácido Domingo Jr’s composed theme tune for Virtuosos V4+.

Plácido Domingo Jr. with Silvana Grujic, judge of the show and Coco König actress, super judge of the 3rd episode.

Plácido Jr. has written songs for top stars such as Diana Ross, Michael Bolton, Sarah Brightman and of course his own father. Perhaps this could be the first time that Placido Jr has experienced the Maestro conducting his piece, performed by an internally renowned symphony orchestra and viewed by millions?

Commenting upon the talents, Maestro Domingo said “Young people have incredible knowledge; their talent is amazing. They already have a huge musical quality as children” This suggests that the decision will not be simple for him either.

Each young person represents the future of classical music, but the stakes are high within Virtuosos V4+. Each of the ten young talents will win something special, with five special winners each receiving a gross cash prize. However, five winners will each receive a gross cash prize of €15,000. Who will win, and who will win big? All will be revealed on Friday evening!

The finalists are, Abouzahra Amira (14/HU), Ildikó Rozsonits (14/HU), Kristina Vasic (8/SR), Vuk Vukajlovic (15/SR), Martin Šulc (18), Eduard Kollert (17/CZ), Dawid Siwiecki (14/PL), Zarina Zaradna (9/PL), Alzbeta Reháková (18/SK) and Ajna Marosz (13/SK). Many of the talents do own an instrument yet. Regardless of what they win, the money will be used wisely to support their studies or to purchase their dream instrument.

The Super Final is the final episode of the Virtuosos V4+ series. Visit the Virtuosos YouTube channel for an exciting behind the scenes peek, plus videos of the casting episodes.

Virtuosos V4+ Super Final on Friday, December 18 on Duna TV, TVP Kultura, CT Art and RTS, and on December 19 Saturday on RTVS, TVP HD and RTS.

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