Virtuosos: Masters and Apprentices Gala Concert with Plácido Domingo, 23 May

Thursday, May 23, 2024 / 7:30 p.m

Béla Bartók National Concert Hall, MÜPA (Palace of Arts, Budapest)

Masters and Apprentices – Virtuosos of Virtuosos with Plácido Domingo

Participants: András Keller and the Concerto Budapest symphony orchestra, Abouzahra Amira, Abouzahra Mariam, Teo Gertler – violin, Csaba Klenyán, Dániel Ali Lugosi – clarinet, Erika Miklósa – vocals, Evelin Greblo, Valerij Greblo – harp, János Balázs, Ádám Balogh, Máté Balogh – piano, István Várdai, Endre Stéger – cello

Star guest: Plácido Domingo

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Virtuózok is a unique talent show and talent management program that has been operating with unbroken success for ten years. It is now an internationally recognized television program that discovers and supports young classical musicians. Part of this mission is to provide opportunities for young people to perform in the most important concert halls. On this occasion, mentors and jury members from the Virtuosos will be on stage together with the young musicians.

The constant mission of the Virtuosos is to find and help talents, learn classical music and Hungarian culture, as well as popularize musical values all over the world. Its most important commitment is to provide domestic and international training and performance opportunities for talented young people.

Among the soloists of the May gala concert at Müpa, we find the young violinist sisters, Abouzahra Amira and Mariam, the winner and special prize winner of the Virtuosos. Another jury member of the Virtuosos, pianist János Balázs, is performing with a new discovery of the television talent show, twelve-year-old Ádám Balogh, and Ádám plays together with his eleven-year-old younger brother, Máté. Miklósa Erika performs with János Balázs, and István Várdai with Endre Stéger and Amira Abouzahra. and we can also hear the playing of the clarinetist Csaba Klenyán and his student, the two-time winner of the Virtuosos, Dániel Ali Lugosi. The Slovenian harpist siblings, eleven-year-old Evelin and nine-year-old Valerij Greblo, are special prize winners of the Virtuosos V4+, and fifteen-year-old violinist Teo Gertler is the 2023 winner of the Virtuosos V4+.

The star guest of the evening is Plácido Domingo.

Ticket price: 9,900 / 13,500 / 17,900 / 24,900 / 27,500 HUF

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